Los Angeles based alt/rock artist, Blacklighter,

is provoking a revolution of the musical mind.

Fuzing his in your face brand with funk and electronic shapes and colors. In this age with the bending of rules and morphing of genre's, and its anybody's guess of where things are going, Blacklighter stands out with his talent as a vocalist and ability as a multi instrumentalist.

Blacklighter (Jonny Shemz) was born in Montreal to a jazz pianist father and artist mother. He grew up surrounded by musicians, working musicians. That’s what adults did in his world. As an impressionable child, he was allowed to hang out and absorb it all, both the light and the dark of that life. Blacklighter began guitar at age 9 and was playing club gigs at 14. After a brief stint at The Grove music school in Los angeles, he settled in New York where he formed the cult funk group ’Yo mama', with bassist and current producer Asi Spector ( Kiss slash, Crooked smile, Electro morocco). The friendship formed in that bands core still produces music independently, affording the debut from Blacklighter.


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