A duo of multi-instrumentalists representing both LA & NY, BLACKLIGHTER is provoking a revolution of the musical mind. Fuzing there in your face indie rock brand with funk and electronic shapes and colors. In this age with the bending of rules and morphing of genres, Blacklighter stands out as an addition to the many teams of 2 we are all familiar with. Bands like MGMT, The Black Keys, The Chemical Bros., The White Stripes. Blacklighter draws on a variety of influences, albeit the more darker sides of artists like Prince(80’s), St Vincent, The Black keys, MGMT, Neo-psychedelia and electronic music. Blacklighter’s sound is produced with scintillating grooves by drummer/bassist Asi Spector, riveting guitars & powerhouse vocals by Jonny Shemz. They exudes the kind of raw emotion that affords the listener the ability to be taken on a journey into the soul of the music.


"In this so-called digital age, things are steadily becoming easier to make. Music is no exception. What once required a full studio band can now be made in someone’s bedroom with software on a laptop. However, in minimalizing the effort of crafting music, we may have accidentally forgotten about the intrinsic quintessence of live instrumentation. Never fear, for here arrives indie soul group Blacklighter. With their self-titled debut EP in 2016, this new single  seeks to remind listeners what music played by real musicians sounds like."

Ibn-Umar Abbasparker - Indie Band Guru

"Jonny Shemz & Asi Spector who go by the evocative stage name Blacklighter, blend the groove of hard-rock, funk and classic soul in their music. Their brand new single is doused with heavy guitars, a haunting atmosphere and an unadulterated darkness. "Light shines through" is raw and fervent -- clutching onto sometimes spacey, synth-pop tones but never compromising on a distinctly gritty sound.  What results is cataclysmic and earth-shattering in scope and fierceness".

Jason Scott - Popdust