"In this so-called digital age, things are steadily becoming easier to make. Music is no exception. What once required a full studio band can now be made in someone’s bedroom with software on a laptop. However, in minimalizing the effort of crafting music, we may have accidentally forgotten about the intrinsic quintessence of live instrumentation. Never fear, for here arrives indie soul group Blacklighter. With their self-titled debut EP in 2016, this new single  seeks to remind listeners what music played by real musicians sounds like."

Ibn-Umar Abbasparker - Indie Band Guru

"Jonny Shemz & Asi Spector who go by the evocative stage name Blacklighter, blend the groove of hard-rock, funk and classic soul in their music. Their brand new single is doused with heavy guitars, a haunting atmosphere and an unadulterated darkness. "Light shines through" is raw and fervent -- clutching onto sometimes spacey, synth-pop tones but never compromising on a distinctly gritty sound.  What results is cataclysmic and earth-shattering in scope and fierceness".

Jason Scott - Popdust

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